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How Are Those Peace Talks Goin'?

Active Military
Active Military
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Veteran News
March 1, 2019
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So glad that the peace talks between the United States and the Taliban are going well, especially since they decided they wanted to attack an outpost housing U.S. Marine Corps advisors as well as local Afghan forces in Helmand Province. How in the hell did nobody see this coming? There are tons of pieces of literature throughout the ages detailing how a leopard can't change its spots and all.But yet here we are engaging in peace talks while they launch attacks. Hooray (sarcasm).Camp Shorabak in Helmand is where the attack took place, the separate U.S. facility wasn't directly threatened although U.S. advisors helped fend off the attack. Guys come on...why the hell did we not kill all of these guys when we had the opportunity? Why have we continued to placate these dudes who want nothing but to destabilize the current Afghan government and destroy what little we were able to accomplish?The last update that we got from the talks were,"We continue to take slow, steady steps toward understanding and eventually #peace." - Zalmay KhalilzadYeah, we can totally see that we've made a ton of progress towards understanding and peace...we're kinda thinking like Inigo Montoya when it comes to the word peace and these talks."You keep using that word, I do not think it means what you think it means."This is such a gigantic debacle and clusterfluck due to shitty management and commanders intent coming from politicians who could never make up their mind, one wonders what the purpose of "peace" in Afghanistan even really is. There is no good answer when it comes to Afghanistan, we killed a ton of their guys, we killed Osama Bin Laden...we did well when we were hunters hunting the bad guys...this other is the kind of shit that gets good people killed.Congratulations on peace talks with a snake who wants nothing more than to bite us.

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