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How to Avoid Being Stolen Valor in the News

Active Military
Active Military
Veteran News
Veteran News
January 23, 2019
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I've got a very low opinion of Stolen Valor folks. So low in fact that I don't even bother correcting or approaching them because, to me, that amount of energy directed at them is more than they deserve. They don't rate my attention. They are less than human. Many of us have friends walking around without getting the support they need, only to have these slapdicks Now some folks go out of their way to call them out and good on them. It's just not my style. I hate those guys so much, I wish they didn't exist.I'm not talking about sea stories where we all embellish amongst friends. Military folks from the beginning of time have spun yarn and told tales that everyone knew was a little bit bullshit with a lot of facts. That's done among fellow warriors. Not to the press. They take shit and run with it thinking it's the whole truth. We all know it's not. So how do you avoid being a Stolen Valor shitbag in the news?

  • Don't F***ing lie. Pretty self-explanatory here. If you talk to a member of the press, tell the unembellished truth. Your service, whatever it was, is honorable( at least we hope so, dickbag). Act like it.
  • Use specific dates and times. Don't be vague. Don't allow there to be any questions.
  • Show pictures. While many things can be edited, many of those grainy shitty pictures we took while we were in remain unedited.

I'll never understand why people lie with intent on this shit. I just don't f***ing get it. We all know the truth comes out in the end and you're going to be found out. Freedom of Information Act for the win right?Maybe if what you're doing is going to garner national attention and you're going to be interviewed you should be honest because it's not like people on either side will go and vet your information. That'd be ridiculous! (obvious sarcasm is obvious) F***ing recon ranger Vietnam times or whatever bullshit that guy said. He went AWOL twice and got kicked out. Non-deploying lying ass, ass. (There are two asses there on purpose)

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