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How to Stay Sane During COVID-19

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Community Support
March 17, 2020
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All around us, locations are closing rapidly in an attempt to limit the spread of COVID-19. Restaurants, museums, parks, and retail businesses are all closing their doors. So how do you stay active and sane for the next few weeks?For starters, it's not the end of the world. While it may seem like our technologically advanced society is slowly falling to pieces, it's not. Even though big industries like Costco and Amazon are limiting sales, everything will be okay. We just have to revert back a few decades for entertainment and exercise.First, we wrote about all the different television series you can binge watch, here. On the other hand, if you're anything like us, sitting down and watching tv for hours does eventually have its limits. Thankfully, modern technology at the touch of our fingers has made it easier to find additional resources for quarantine boredom.Try going for a walk around your neighborhood! You can go outside and still maintain the appropriate social distance. While most local and National Parks are closing down to prevent people from over populating them, your local neighborhood street is still open. If you have a bicycle, you can ride around on it. Even sitting outside to people watch tends to have its enjoyable moments. All can happen without touching things excessively and maintaining appropriate distances.If going outside isn't something you would like to do, take advantage of the free resources offered by various companies and locations. Google Arts and Culture worked with over 2500 museums across the world to offer free virtual tours. You can find that, here. There's more where this comes from as well!Here is a list of free online courses offered by universities like Yale, Harvard and MIT. With the quarantines happening, most of these prestigious institutes have expanded their offerings as well. Have kids? Most schools and learning applications are offering free resources to parents that have to homeschool during this time. Most are waiving fees, location information, and more to make their resources as accessible as possible.Family and friends all schooled out? What about home science experiments? Most of them require everyday products easily found around the house and can be fun for children and adults. There is currently a video circulating that uses pepper flakes in water to prove a handwashing point, which several parents and teachers are replicating at home. Have some baking soda, vinegar and red dye? You're almost halfway to a volcano experiment (or a cleaning solution, without the dye).Also, baking and cooking is a form of science! While we understand most grocery stores may not have everything you need, we have faith you'll be able to figure something out with alternate ingredients. Or, maybe that is the "lesson learned" ... not having the right ingredient did not create the appropriate "reaction," which caused a fail.Last, we all know those "Honey do lists" and creative projects won't complete themselves! Now is the perfect time to focus your energy on tidying up the home space a little. If you're a homeowner, you know there are parts of the house typically neglected, so now's the chance to make sure you get those unfinished tasks done. Or maybe you just want to try your hand at building a kitchen table for fun...Need extra cash? Talk to your local grocer, most of them are hiring additional part time staff to help with the uptick in sales. You might even get a security job if things in your area are crazy right now.We can all look at this time as a detriment to our society or we can look at having to "stay in" for a few weeks as a prime opportunity to connect with family and friends, and ourselves. Find something new to learn, put extra effort into working from home (or even beefing up your resume if you need a job!), and just focus on improving yourself.This will all blow over if we do our part, as we have mentioned several times. What will you be doing to stay sane?

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