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If Skynet Isn't Real, Then Explain This

Active Military
Active Military
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Veteran News
February 15, 2019
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If Skynet isn't real, then why the f*** are we building robots that can feast upon human flesh. C'mon man like...the joke is played out it's not funny anymore, you literally have robots that are sitting there like Ugluk from Lord of The Rings saying,"Looks like meats back on the menu boys!"Or whatever gender robots want to be...I mean...I don't really know if robots have genders or'd be weird if they did, but there was also a time when we thought it'd be weird if they ate people...or scary, yeah weird or scary or downright apocalyptic.The robot is named the EATR...f*** really? Energetically Autonomous Tactical've got to be shitting me. F***in DARPA financing Cyclone Power Technologies and Robotic Technology Inc.Look. I'm not a tin foil hat kind of guy. But every apocalyptic movie dealing with machines and the end of humanity had one simple premise when it comes to machines. Just because we can doesn't always mean we should. It's a pretty solid philosophical statement when it comes to technology. Maybe there are things that we should know not do, because we'll definitely kill off humanity in the process. And yet you have these assholes watching these movies like they are damn instruction manuals on how to be supervillains.I don't know how many times I'm going to have to say it before I get my point across. Am I going to be sitting in my suburban neighborhood firing EMP shotgun shells at hordes of hungry robots before I get my point across?Like, I mean shit dude if we could train tigers to be tactical and on our side that'd be great, but we don't because obviously, tigers don't give a shit. Just like robots don't give a shit.I don't mean to fear monger, but for f***s sake man, stop f***ing around Carl.

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