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If You Want to Ban Suppressors

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Community Support
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June 10, 2019
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You can't say you're pro 2nd Amendment anymore. Well, you can, you'll just be like...what's the word for it...oh man, it's hard to think of it...a liar. We said this shit about bump stocks. They're dumb. They're stupid. Banning firearm accessories set a bad precedent. Suppressors aren't dumb though, they're useful.A super bad one. And now you're coming after cans.Just wanna say this. Name a time banning an object has led to less of that object. Drugs...wait nope. Alcohol...wait you guys remember the time we banned murder and it all stopped? The list could probably continue, but we're pressed for time and space in our little editorial here so we'll say this.Can rights are 2nd Amendment rights and if you don't support can rights, then you don't really support 2nd Amendment rights. You can say you do all day, but you're not being honest with anyone including yourself. If you say something to the effect of..."I believe in the 2nd amendment but, I don't think we should have suppressors."Just take away everything before the "but" in that sentence.Hunting is great. Personal defense is even better, but the 2nd Amendment is there in case your government starts doing that tyranny bit, you get to shoost them (say it like that, it'll make you giggle) in the fuggin' face. Not suggesting we're at the point yet because one, we're not, and two we don't feel like having the secret service show up at our work or place of residence, but that's why the 2nd Amendment was created so that we can protect ourselves against a tyrannical government.Now don't get us wrong, we've admitted a time or two being at the gun range and seeing the various Fudds who couldn't operate a toothpick without gouging their eye out much less a firearm, but rights are rights and as we all know and remember, the government doesn't give us our rights, they merely insure them. Should the day come they go full stop on that...well, let's just say the spirit of 1775 will be reborn.

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