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In True Military Fashion

Active Military
Active Military
Veteran News
Veteran News
October 17, 2019
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As U.S. forces left positions this past week amidst Turkey's impending incursion into Syria and against the Kurds, the members of the United States military didn't let anyone down. On whiteboards in the operations center (we're assuming) they left several dick drawings, a Russian flag and the Russian word for the British slang for a cigarette.Time-honored traditions were followed as one dick drawing of a cat was done partially in permanent ink and the other part in dry erase marker. When the Russians went to inevitably erase the cat, only the giant dick and balls were left, as they were drawn on with a permanent marker. Another set of cock and balls was drawn and colored in as you can see, resembling the Russian flag.Other insults as you can see, were the phrases"(heart) your moms favorite JTAC"and"Comrades like dudes"Because what is the military without a healthy dose of dicks and homoerotic jokes? Nothing. That's literally like 90% of the job. Now we know that someone might get butthurt about this, but we're just reporting what's on the board, go cry somewhere else.The Russian soldiers who found it replied with the following"We love USA, (heart) Russia""#TheComrades"along with the President's Twitter handle.Look, for a group of dudes who may very well be fighting and killing each other in the very near future, because the world has just decided to try and burn itself down, it's nice to see some semblance of humor amongst two old arch enemies. It kind of gives us hope that maybe, just maybe we won't all launch our nukes at each other knowing full well knowing we'll end humanity.The other thing this tells us is that if they had time to draw these magnificent dick jokes, then they had time to destroy or remove any sensitive items that may have been in the compound. Which is nice to know as well.

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