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Iran Update: Sorting Through the Bullsh*t

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Active Military
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Veteran News
May 28, 2019
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We're just about done with this Iran bullshit. We get it. Iran probably sees Japan as a puppet of the United States. They've been pretty big allies ever since that one...we mean those two times...(think about it). But this is still immature on Iran's part.So here is where we sit today. Iran and its proxies continue to operate in Iraq and Palestine. The United States has threatened the annihilation of Iran and basically has forward deployable units surrounding Iran (Afghanistan, Iraq), there aren't a lot of troops, but there are some. That all being said, Japan offered to be the mediator between Washington and Tehran. Iran scoffed at the idea.Foreign policy and interventionism is such a shit show, it's difficult to pinpoint exactly where the blowback will occur (because there most certainly will be blowback, just not sure how big and of what type) if we go to war with Iran, but Iran is definitely being a petulant child at this point. Washington has said it's open to talks and Tehran refuses to even come to the table.Well, here's the thing Iran, y'all can't say you don't want war, then continue to do shit that you know, based off of our history is just going to stir the hornet's nest even more. Coming to the table with a mediator would be a smart move, a move any rational person would make, because even if you sink an aircraft carrier...what if we nuke you? We won't and it's almost absurd to even consider that option, but dudes...just like let Japan mediate and we'll all talk it out and you'll stop attacking Israel and the United States through your proxies and we'll stop telling you we're going to make you a big glass parking lot.Obviously, there is a ton of bravado in that last sentence, but seriously, we're all so tired of this back and forth saber rattling and Japan comes out with a reasonable offer to ensure war is avoided and Iran is all like "Nah fuk dat noise!"Maybe they don't deserve war, but someone should Gibs smack one of those dudes on the back of the head.

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