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Iran Gets a Taste of Its Own Medicine

Veteran News
Veteran News
September 25, 2018
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For the worlds largest exporter of state-sponsored terrorism, it's own lethal export has come home to the streets of Iran. While the "responsible parties" notice how we put it in quotes, bicker for fame as the responsible party who ambushed Iran's Revolutionary Guard, there is a lesson to be learned here by Iran. The attack which targeted Revolutionary Guard troops left 24 dead and 53 wounded.Terrorism sucks huh? Makes ya feel really angry and pissed off? And you wonder why people around the world hate you, don't believe your claims of using your nuclear technology for peaceful purposes...gee maybe it has to do with the fact that you sponsor this kind of behavior the world around. It's no secret you support Hezbollah brazenly and openly as well as the PLA, and now the blood has returned to your streets.We could mourn with you. We could say how sorry we are that this happened to you, but for the people that cheered when the planes hit our towers, quite frankly, we don't give a damn and hope you get more of your own medicine post haste.We especially love how they targeted the "elite" Revolutionary Guard. Seems like these guys aren't really as elite as they thought they were. In fact, it seems that a bunch of rag-tag fighters, can plan, support and carry out an attack on your most valuable forces leaving many of them dead and wounded. After this attack, does Iran still really believe that they can take the United States military head on? Like, if these few guerillas can smoke check their "elite" forces, what do you think a Special Forces team will do to you? Or some Navy SEALs? Or the United States Marine Corps?Iran, we're sorry we're not sorry. Actually, we're not even that, we're not sorry at all. The rhetoric, the saber-rattling, the exportation of terrorism. You're getting exactly what you deserve and nobody in the west is shedding one tear for it.Sucks to suck assholes.

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