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Iran Unveils Stealth Destroyer: The Real Deal?

Active Military
Active Military
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Veteran News
May 17, 2019
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Dear lort stop the presses. The country that's been unable to produce a functional organic fifth generation fighter with stealth capabilities has instead produced a massive (relative in size to a jet fighter) stealth destroyer? Is that what we're supposed to believe? We'll say this. We don't believe it's as capable and stealthy as advertised.We can just see it now..."We're totally safe brothers, the Americans cannot see us with this new stealth technology!" - Captain of the Sahand Destroyer (probably)"Sir we've just been targeted." - Electronic Warfare Officer"By who?" - Captain of the Sahand Destroyer (probably)*Electronic Warfare Officer Shrugs* "The United States probably." - Electronic Warfare OfficerLaunched last November the Sahand Destroyer is allegedly super stealthy and advanced, putting the United States to shame...allegedly.As much shit as we talk we try not to actually underestimate our enemy here in our analysis, we joke a lot but, as most anyone knows, every dog has its day, but this...building a stealth ship seems at least in our minds infinitely more difficult than producing a stealth fighter. There are way more moving parts, way more surface area, way more systems to check and cross-check and what not. Creating a stealth ship with an expectation to serve well into the future is no simple task. Not saying it's not possible...just highly improbable.So, we'll wait until it's stealth capabilities are actually shown off, because right now, given the recent guffaws by Iran (mainly touting a slightly altered F-5 as an organic 5th generation stealth fighter), we're just not buying it. We're skeptical, and why shouldn't we be? If we've run into conflicts and technical difficulties with our stealth ships and we've been doing stealth shit since the ' realistic is it that the Iranians who are just now entering the stealth game have it all figured out?Not saying they don't...but probability wise...who honestly believes their new "Stealth Destroyer" is as capable as the propaganda makes it out to be?How sad would it be for their new ship to demonstrate it's stealth capabilities by Iran starting some shit and that ship resting nicely on the bottom of the Persian Gulf? Not very sad'd be really f***ing funny.

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