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Iranian Naval Mines Pose Risk to Shipping

Active Military
Active Military
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Veteran News
May 29, 2019
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Oh dear lort. So...we ride a very difficult line. On one hand, we don't like what seem to be unending forever wars. On the other hand, we're not super huge fans of the shit that Iran has pulled lately. This assertion that there were Iranian naval mines to blame for the damage to the four tankers off the shore of the United Arab Emirates seems suspect as no evidence has been gathered. Call us crazy but this just seems like an old play out of a bad foreign policy playbook.Does anyone remember the second Gulf of Tonkin incident?Exactly. We love this nation with our heart and soul and we firmly believe that a healthy level of skepticism should be added to anything the powers that be are trying to sell you. Don't get us wrong, Iran has been a huge tool for a while and believe us, it wouldn't exactly hurt our feelings if we left a smoldering crater where their Supreme Leader used to be. In fact, it might even bring a smile to our faces, a really really really really big smile. F***in' EFPs.But until like, debris is recovered that proves unequivocally that Iran is responsible, maybe we don't push any big red buttons or throw Tomahawk cruise missiles down range?As much as we're skeptical of our team saying that it was Iran, we're even more skeptical of Iran saying it wasn't them. They've participated in a bunch of state-sponsored terrorist bullshit that has been plain to see, and then been like "Naw man, that ain't us," even though the evidence absolutely indicts them.The unabashed and totally biased truth of the matter is this. The shit we've gotten ourselves into with certain countries is partially our own fault, but as always, it takes two to tango and Iran has definitely not helped the situation, as is the case with most nations hostile towards the United States.We could have played this way better than we have, but we didn't. They could have played it way better than they have, but they didn't, so now we're here. Shit sucks yo.Also, we're not blind to those assholes in Saudi Arabia either.

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