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Iran's Hidden Forces Ready for Surprise Attack?

Active Military
Active Military
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Veteran News
September 25, 2019
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And you know what...fuck it, maybe they are. Historically speaking, America has not predicted/prevented surprise attacks very well. It may seem heartless to say, but it's fucking true. Pearl Harbor, Chinese support of North Korea, Tet Offensive, 9/11... We're not great at stopping surprise attacks. Hate us all you want, but it's true. Now...the problem for Iran is what comes after. Historically speaking, after surprise attacks, we turn into a hulking meth-fueled rage monster from Florida.General Salami...alright...hold up. We feel like we need to take a pause here and say this. Nobody is making fun of his culture. It just so happens, that the dude's name sayin' this ridiculous shit is General Salami and if you don't chuckle when someone with a mildly amusing last name, says something threatening...there is no hope for you. Like c'mon man General Salami is threatening the U.S. with a hidden/surprise attack. What's it going to be Diabetes? Heart disease? High blood pressure? C'mon man.Surprise attacks are usually hard to predict. It's kind of the name...surprise. If it weren't a surprise it wouldn't be a surprise attack right? We all know, there will always be gaps in defense somewhere, we can't defend against every single eventuality, it's not probable or feasible. So, we have no doubt that General Hossein Salami believes and is roughly capable of carrying out a surprise attack that has significant casualties. It's really a duh moment and you know exactly how we feel about saber-rattling bullshit.However. Like Japan, China/North Korea, Vietnam, and Afghanland/Iraq found out. We have no problem responding to said attacks with this cool tactic called "A Fuckload of High Explosives".Look...we should never underestimate our enemy, but c'mon it's saber-rattling and we all know it is. All this Salami dude is doing is ramping up the bravado of internet tough guys who say "I'll fight em" despite having a pretty rough go with finding their way to a recruiting office.

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