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Iran's New Jet Kowsar - Military Advancement

Veteran News
Veteran News
August 21, 2018
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It sucks. It looks like our old F-5 Tigers. Iran...bro, c'mon man, that's not a new 4th generation fighter. That's a knockoff of our 1959 technology. Stop trying to pretend you're somebody special. Iran introduced the Kowsar, a reported 4th generation advanced aircraft completely organic to Iran. Really? We mean, at least change up something.


This thing has literally got to be a joke. Seriously. Is Iran trolling us?

Iran: We've got brand new fighter, is totally kick ass.United States: We built that in the 50's and 60's bro...Iran: No you didn't is brand new, cutting-edge technology! It's kick ass!United States: Here is a picture of ours from way back.Iran: ...F*** you America!

Certainly, there may be some slight differences, like the controls are in Arabic, and it says IRAF instead of US Air Force on the side. Those differences alone should make it clear to anyone threatening the extremely powerful nation of Iran that they are not to be trifled with.Iran has been legitimately quoted while wielding their old ass plane that the United States doesn't attack them because...wait for it, President Rouhani stated "Why does not the U.S wage a military attack on us? Because of our power."Yeah...that's it. That's why we don't wage war on Iran, because everyone apparently knows we get super scared of old ass planes that a third rate if even that, air force wields.[caption id="attachment_18483" align="alignnone" width="750"]


Ok, ignoring the markings...F-5 or Kowsar...can you tell the difference?[/caption]We know the F-22 is going away soon, but seriously, this is what's meant to challenge the F-22 or F-35. Even if the F-35 never left the ground it would still get an air to air kill against the Kowsar.You can literally buy a more advanced drone at Best Buy. It'd probably have better weaponry too.The Kowsar is a joke. It's literally over 50 years old. Because it's an F-5.

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