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Hamza bin Laden: Conflicting Reports

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Active Military
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Veteran News
August 1, 2019
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EDIT/UPDATE: We just got confirmation he is dead via US Airstrike: But was fun while we wondered.An unverified intelligence source stated that the son of Osama bin Laden, Hamza bin Laden, is no longer wasting the precious oxygen that trees give us. So we're gonna pose the he really dead or nah? Hamza decided to take up the family business of terrorism after his dad got aerated by a bunch of SEALs, vowing to get vengeance on the United States and encouraging people to rebel against Saudi Arabia...But it appears at least according to this super "vague" intelligence report that homeboy has taken a dirt nap courtesy of both U.S. and unnamed partner forces. We're not quite so convinced that the dude who swore vengeance upon us for yeeting a round into his dad's dome is dead. Almost too good to be true, right? It'd be like Jeffrey Epstein testifying and everyone that was a pedo that took a trip to his island got instant street justice, imagine that...ok Hamza dying probably wouldn't be on that level, literally aside from encourage people to be a terrorist, that little shit stain of a human being hasn't done shit with his "power" in Al-Qaeda.Apparently, all of his relatives tried to get Hamza to not be a terrorist, telling him that his dad was a defacto dick head and not welcome at any family reunions, and neither would Hamza if he kept this shit up. But it didn't stop Hamza, nope not one bit, he rose to a place of somewhat significance in the terror organization and got what most high-level terrorist organization leaders got (we think), dead.But it's totally reasonable in this clown world we're living in that the rumors of his death were leaked so we'd stop hunting for him. Real-life is getting to be just about as stupid as any bargain bin straight to video movie, so we won't toss the idea that Hamza is still alive completely out, but we'll hopefully be proven wrong on that suspicion sometime soon.

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