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Is the 14th With the Navy?

Veteran News
Veteran News
November 30, 2015
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Is the 14th with Navy?


The Navy has won the last 13 meetings in the annual Army-Navy game. They have also upped the game off the field with this years video. With the upcoming release of "Star Wars: The Force Awakens", it was an easy parody subject for the Midshipmen to use. I have to say, I'm a little bit impressed with this video, and it doesn't hurt that they made a reference to the pillow fight that made news a few months ago. Enjoy the video, and let us know who is going to win this year.https://youtu.be/svU2317XiPw


While it doesn't look good for Army (2-9) against Navy (9-2), but crazier things have happened, and do happen in College Football. This might just the the biggest College upset the 2nd week of December has ever seen. If nothing else it will continue to show that while Navy recruits football players, Army recruits leaders. Having served in the Army, I hope West Point has an answer to this even though I doubt that it will happen. At least this gives good reason to talk about one of the greatest rivalries in College Football two weeks before kick off. Where do you stand? GO ARMY BEAT NAVY![mwi-cat-listing cat="94" ppp="4" cols="4" desc="false" type="view" btn_color="black" ]

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