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Israel vs. Iran Showdown: Tensions Escalate

Veteran News
Veteran News
May 10, 2018
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Israel vs. Iran. Last night, something we all eventually knew as inevitably going to happen, happened. Israeli forces traded fire with Iranian forces out of Syria. It comes as no surprise that these two countries are finally facing off against each other as Iran has been waging a proxy war through Hezbollah and other Palestinian terrorist organizations. Couple this with their current actions with the Houthi rebels based in Yemen, where they've acknowledged that the Houthi Rebels are indeed being trained at the Iranian Embassy (source).Yesterday/last night Iranian forces utilizing offensive rocket and missile systems launched an attack on the Golan Heights in Israel. Israel responded in turn by retaliating with several missile strikes of its own.This action by Iran comes on the heels of the United States withdrawn from the nuclear deal with Iran. What comes as no shock to many in the know is that these forces from Iran could not have been moved to the border with Israel in the small amount of time between the attacks and the United States withdrawal from the nuclear deal. They were there in advance.

Israel vs. Iran

If this shows us anything it's that Iran had no intent on being peaceful in any way shape or form. Iran has a consistent history of undermining whatever the policies the U.N. puts forth that would seek to pacify the hostile Iranian government.While everyone is calling for peace among the two nations, let it be said that given the video of the parliament of Iran chanting death to America and the subsequent attacks on Israel, is this country really one that we feel that we can actually negotiate with? Sure they may say that they'll comply but if yesterday's actions are any indication as to how Iran acts when it doesn't get its way, what good does negotiation do?

Israel vs. Iran
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