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Jacqueline Carrizosa: Embracing Fearlessness

Veteran News
Veteran News
August 15, 2016
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Jacqueline Carrizosa, the former Navy Sailor who trained singer Rihanna in firearms handling during the filming of 2013's Battleship, has been critically injured while training for a charity motorcycle race.Reports indicate that she may have broken her back in two places and may have lost a kidney.Carrizosa, who goes by the social media handle @Brojaq, is an avid dirtbike racer. She was reportedly training for an upcoming 700-mile race to raise money for veterans.According to the official GoFundMe for her recovery (which can be found here), Jacqueline was slated to ride in the General Tires Vegas to Reno against 300 other competitors. She would have been the first veteran female to participate in the race.All of her winnings would have gone to the Veterans Training Fund, an organization which provides scholarships to veterans who complete the intensive training programs it offers.


Jacqueline Carrizosa: Entrepreneur, Firearms Trainer, Fitness Model, Dirtbike Racer

Jacqueline Carrizosa rose to fame in 2013 when she collaborated with Rihanna on the film Battleship. She helped the pop superstar with weapons handling, general military knowledge and more. She has also worked with Taylor Kitsch, Liam Neeson, Alexander Skarsgard and other celebrities.She served four years on active duty with the United States Navy and two years in the Navy Reserves as a Gunners Mate and a Rescue Swimmer onboard the USS Ronald Reagan and the USS Gridley.She is the founder of Firearms For Life and Motivators Lifestyle, brands which train people in gun handling and fitness.Jacqueline Carrizosa competes in dirtbike racing and currently works at Machine Guns Vegas. She trains people from all around the world in firearms safety and has been featured as a model for many publications, including WorldStar HipHop and Inked Magazine.Her Instagram account, @Brojaq, has over 58 thousand followers.

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