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Kansas City Boy Shot, Then Snuggled

Veteran News
Veteran News
August 17, 2016
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A 9-year old Missouri boy and his 8-year old cousin died Saturday morning after being shot inside of his mother's home. The boy then snuggled up to his brother in another room until he passed away.Jayden Ugwuh and his cousin, Montell Ross, died from bullet wounds after an unknown gunman shot into the family home as the children slept. There were six children inside the home at the time. Only Jayden and his cousin were killed in the shooting.The boy heard the bullets piercing through his Kansas City home and ran from the bedroom. After realizing his cousin had not followed, Jayden Ugwuh darted back inside the room and attempted to grab Montell. Both boys were shot during the rescue attempt.Jayden Snuggled With Brother for ComfortAfter being shot, Jayden went into another room, where his brother, Jayson Jr. 12, had been sleeping prior to the shooting. Jayden laid down and "snuggled" in Jayson’s lap. Jayson Jr. looked down at his brother, whose eyes were open, and watched as he died.“What can I say to him, cause he actually held him, he held his cold body…how do I teach my son to cope with that when I can barely cope with it,” said Jayden and Jayson’s father.“He was in his safe spot, his home,” he said. “So where else are you safe at if you are not safe where you sleep and wake up and eat?”Police believed the shooters were inside the Kansas City home at some point prior to the shooting. The house is located next to 58th and College streets in the Missouri city.Jayden’s father says that his son enjoyed rapping. He believed in super heroes, had big dreams and wanted to fly. And he was also an excellet artist.“He can draw. He can draw you right now and it would look just like you, at 9 years old,” said Jayson Sr.

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