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Kentucky High School Shooting

Veteran News
Veteran News
January 23, 2018
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Early this morning there was a shooting at a Kentucky High School that left several people injured and one dead. Local authorities have the suspect in custody. Not much else is known at this time. can be said is that any time this sort of thing happens it's abhorrent. Anytime that taking a life seems to be the only answer to a problem it breaks hearts of the community. We don't know what cause or reason was behind this attack, and we won't speculate. We will only redouble our efforts to bring kindness and friendship in our own lives. We don't know much about this incident, we know that hurt people hurt people. We hope that maybe through being kinder to one another and remembering that despite our differences we're all in this together, maybe future tragedies of this sort will be prevented.While certainly our thoughts and prayers are with those affected, we encourage you as we encourage each other to remember to be kind. To remember that you never know the battles someone else is fighting and your kindness could change their life. For those of you in Marshall County, Kentucky, we are so sorry that you had to endure this act. We wish for healing in the bodies of the wounded and the healing of your broken hearts. We ask that justice be delivered and that your town receive some semblance of closure and peace in the wake of this evil, evil act.

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