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Kind of Jealous of the Ever-Elusive CONUS Kill

Active Military
Active Military
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Veteran News
February 15, 2019
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Man, it's all about the right place and right time. The Navy got a CONUS kill. We're pretty damn jealous of the security personnel at NAS Corpus Christi, one or several, of whom can bicker and argue who fired the fatal shot. When you're deployed OCONUS (Outside Contiguous United States) in an active war zone, smoke checking some shitbag isn't as big of a deal. As much as it may be a significant and life-altering event...what'd you expect to do? Play Kumbaya and bang pots and pans in a hippie drum circle?No! You expected to lay waste and do your best impression of Animal Mother by laying down some belt fed hate and discontent. Then you come back home and you're generally not allowed to layeth down such vehement and violent fire. Rightly so, there are normies here and sometimes it creeps them out that we're so great at making the bad things die. They think, maybe we'll get carried away, but we won't. Trust us. It's not fun for us if the dead guy isn't a full-fledged jihadi Jim or Communist Carl trying to subvert the United States.If you're not trying to kill us, we don't try to kill you. It's quite simple, a simple fact that apparently escaped the guy who drove his car into a security checkpoint at NAS Corpus Christi while trying to evade the checkpoint. He then got out of his car and charged at security personnel who dropped his punk ass quick fast and in a hurry. Who thinks this shit is a good idea? Like...who is going through the planning part, even in a fit of rage like thinking,"Yeah, I'm gonna show those motherf***ers with guns what the hell is up, even though there are like...a lot of them and one of me!"Who the f*** does that?Mad props to you guys and your stateside kill. Just know that in the hearts of many a grunt, there is jealousy aplenty.

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