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Let's Have a Real Discussion

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February 20, 2018
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Let's have a real discussion about this. If we can't temper our feelings with some levelheadedness, we are part of the problem. It's been almost a week since the tragedy in Florida. And here we are. Doing the same thing we've always done. As much as most of us try to stay out of the fray, many (including ourselves if we're honest) can't help but get caught up defending ideas that we hold quite dear. Ideas that when threatened evoke anger, resentment, bitterness, disgust, and any number of negative outcomes. This goes on and on like clockwork. We believe in this and our opponent believes in that, so we must commit a verbal onslaught quoting the talking points we're told to, but never really doing anything. Some say we need laws to change. Others talk about how it's a human problem that leads people to do such heinous acts.But nothing gets done. Nothing but friendships lost and spiteful words said (again we'll admit our own guilt here, after, all we're only human).So let's have a real discussion about whats important. Let's lay some groundwork down that our children can read about in history books and be proud of. Not for the beating of our chests, but for our ability to creatively problem solve. We must acknowledge the realities of the situation, starting here.Guns aren't going away, it's just a fact, it's not going to happen. The 2nd Amendment was created to prevent tyranny from overtaking this land. It's not going to happen, any legislation you push towards that end is going to fail and create more division between neighbors. Take that option off the table and find another way.

Let's have a real discussion

Do we need armed guards to ensure children are safe while getting an education? We don't know. If you came here for answers we're sorry because the truth of the matter is we doubt any single person has the perfect solution.Maybe it is the human condition. But violence has taken place throughout history, why the uptake of this type? If it is the human condition then what are we achieving by arguing and spitefully retorting to each other on social media? Aren't we making it worse?We at American Grit have the wisdom to admit we don't know what the right answer is. We're sorry. We can't solve what drives people to this degree of hate in an afternoon. The truth is the solution will probably be multi-faceted and involve several steps. We're not sure what those might be, but let's have a real discussion with actual ideas instead of arguing.

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