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Line in the Sand for Iran

Active Military
Active Military
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Veteran News
June 19, 2019
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Mike Pompeo has drawn a line in the sand. In no uncertain terms, he has relayed to media what has been relayed to the leaders in Tehran. The death of one American service member is all it will take for the United States to unleash a devastating counterattack. Should Iran or any of its proxies launch an attack that results in one service member losing their life, the United States will go full cowabunga.Here's what we're hoping for in this scenario. Everyone backs off. The United States has given an aggressive albeit reasonable ultimatum to Iran. Don't attack our troops. For two countries not formally AT WAR...telling another country "Hey bro, like don't kill our soldiers and we won't kill your soldiers," is a pretty reasonable demand. The United States is showing strength and setting hard limits for Iran after a ton of evidence is placing the blame squarely on Iran as the culprit of the tanker attacks.

"But wut 'bout muh false flag and muh cool tin foil hat?"

Look, you're right to be skeptical, but's highly improbable. Coupled with the newly released images of Iranians removing a limpet mine, plus the attempted attacks on one of our drones in the area leading up to the attacks...Iran is looking like they had no help from us in being an asshole.So the question is this, now that there is a hard line in the sand that says we will most certainly do something if Iran kills any member of our armed forces...will either side act in regards to that line? Now might be a good time to wear the tin foil hat. Before there was no ultimatum. Now we're saying we will most certainly act militarily under certain conditions.Not saying it's likely or right, just saying if there was going to be one of these false flag operations...wouldn't it make more sense if we had set up circumstances where there were known military consequences?Either way, we're hoping the situation deescalates...but if it doesn't...then we should win.

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