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Lower the Voting Age to 16

Veteran News
Veteran News
February 22, 2019
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Lower the voting age to 16? What kind of crackhead ass methed out motherflucking idiot thinks that 16-year-olds are full of pearls of wisdom and should be given the right to vote? Certain people in Oregon think that. Were you getting jealous of all the attention Florida gets for being America's live-action version of a walking clusterfluck?Voting is a pretty big responsibility and...well...without insulting 16 year olds too's just that we're not exactly sure that entrusting the nation and it's policies to someone whose biggest concern is what they are going to wear to school so they impress Becky and get a date to the prom, is a great idea. Look we're sure Becky is totes worth it dudes and you'll like totally be together forever. Just like all high school sweethearts, 100% of the time always. (sarcasm)Look, if we want to know what the latest gossip is about the Kardashians or some other menial stupid bullshit about catching us outside (how 'bout dat) or we want to know how to be absolutely terrified on the freeway and an all around shit driver. By all means, let's ask the 16-year-olds. But aside from that...meh.We're sure there are some 16-year-olds out there with some great ideas. But having once been 16, we're basing our opinion on our own actions, that while we are...intelligent, we still make really short-sighted poor decisions. Luckily these decisions aren't as impactful as say...running a country, and they teach us about consequences, cause and effect, so on and so forth, but at the age of 16, the number of decisions you can make that will devastatingly impact your life...are relatively small.Like we said, not slamming 16-year-olds, but having been 16 once, and now knowing what we know...16 year olds don't know shit all. In fact, they (and we, when we were 16 years old for that matter) don't even know what they don't know.Bad move Oregon, get back to us when you can pump your own gas and not freak out.

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