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Makin' M.A.D. Obsolete

Active Military
Active Military
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Veteran News
March 18, 2019
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The United States Navy announced they will soon be ready to test a feature on current generation missiles that allow us to shoot down enemy ICBMs (Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles). If the test is successful, the idea and premise of M.A.D may be at risk.What is M.A.D? Mutual Assured Destruction. The theory that was developed during the rise of the Atomic Age. Russia and the United States were staring each other down with nuclear missiles saying that "If you fire yours, we'll fire ours and the whole world will flucking end." As crude and dangerous as it sounds, it's been a pretty solid deterrent over the years with each side looking for ways to upset the delicate peace that M.A.D semi-kinda-sorta holds in place.However...the United States Navy, ingenious buggers that they are, theoretically at least have devised a way to shoot down enemy ICBMs with current missiles equipped on U.S. Navy ships. The testing will take place as soon as next year.If these tests are successful and our ship-based missile systems can, in fact, take out ICBMs, and we're not aware of any similar capabilities by the Ruskies or Chinese to intercept ICBMs...the balance of power will shift significantly in favor of the United States once again.No longer will M.A.D apply to us at least if these tests are as successful as theorized. While having the ability to nuke anyone without certain and immediate retribution may seem calloused and cold-hearted, ten times out of ten we'd rather it be us that has that capability than anyone else on the planet...It certainly makes our hearts happy that amidst all the breaking news about China and Russia fielding advanced weaponry that we too are once again looking to be on the cutting edge of things...just reminds us that there is probably a lot of shit we don't know about here that we've got going on.Hell, we didn't know about the F-117 until it'd already been flying for several years.

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