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Man in Bear Attack Holds Selfie

Veteran News
Veteran News
October 3, 2016
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Todd Orr is a stone cold sunofagun, and we'll take on anyone who says otherwise. Not that he needs us to, he's already fought off a bear with his BARE HANDS. (Pun intended?)Seriously, though; this guy is incredibly lucky to be alive. With just a can of bear spray, he was able to fight off a female Grizzly with two cubs in tow. The phrase "Mama Bear" exists for a reason, those gals can get pretty aggressive when they see a threat, and they don't like surprises. Although he had been shouting to ward off the bears while on his hike, this time his efforts didn't work out. The encounter left his handgun torn off of him and lost, and the bear spray all used up. After surviving, he began the 3 mile stretch back to his truck.And did we mention that the bear CAME BACK for a second round, ten minutes into his little 3-mile jog? He reported that he played dead to get the Grizzly to back off, but she didn't leave without rendering his left arm unusable, a gaping wound over his right ear, some gouges in his arm and shoulder, and blood dripping down his face.


In a gruesome video, Orr captures the damage that the bear did."Life sucks in bear country," he states matter-of-factly before reviewing his wounds. He also then casually states that he had, "walked three miles out" to get to back to his truck after both encounters.After taking the video, he then drove himself 17 miles to the nearest hospital, making sure to politely notify them in advance, and calling his girlfriend for a change of clothes. His doctor had to get him out of the car, and was surprised that Todd had made the effort to buckle his seat belt.Eight hours of stitching later, Todd's going to be ok. But it's always good to take advice from people who have lived to tell the tale: "Be safe out there. Bear spray doesn't always work, but it's better than nothing."

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