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Marine Corps Wants to Hunt Ships and Chew Crayons

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Active Military
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September 24, 2019
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Has anyone ever seen that movie with Nicholas Cage called "Fire Birds"? There is a scene where Nicholas Cage's character is in a simulator for the AH-64 Apache and he is just straight wrecking shop. He starts chanting...almost singing "I am the greatest!" each time he gets louder and more vociferous exclaiming that he is indeed the greatest as he continues to show the simulator what the fuk is up. What does this have to do with the Marine Corps hunting ships? Well, it seems, that the Marine Corps has once again determined that they want to be the greatest at something and that something, is fucking killing enemy ships.Currently, the United States has one main anti-ship missile. The Harpoon. While another one is in development, the AGM-158C LRASM, specs on that one are not available yet. Super ya know top secret stuff. Anywho, the Harpoon has a range in excess of 150 nautical miles...but not much further, so we've read.The Corps has decided that they'd like for their ship killing missiles, based on-shore via mobile artillery units, to have a range of at least 350 nautical miles. The HIMARS system is seen as the obvious platform for the missile they want to be developed.So the Marine Corps wants a ship killing missile, that has over 2x the range of the Harpoon and can be put on the HIMARS. Cowamutherfuckinbunga dudes. Talk about force multiplier. You can drop a few HIMARS all throughout the Pacific islands as a rebuff to China's area denial strategy. We may not be able to get in, but they won't be able to get out. With HIMARS on Okinawa, Japan, South Korea, Guam, maybe even the Philippines (the new pact has some weird wording about what we can and can't do there). Also, what if we happened to give a few to that would piss of Beijing SOOO MUCH! We get giddy just thinking about it.China has been working REALLY hard to bring their blue water navy up to peer level against the United States, but if these missiles work out with the HIMARS like the Marine Corps is envisioning, they could make life a living hell for China.Frankly, we love the idea.Mobile platform + ship killing missiles = A really great day for us and a really shit day for our enemies. Plus notice how we talked about killin' ships but not about crayons? Now look at the title, now back here, now back up at the you get it? We're all out of crayons.

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