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McDonald's Shooting Stopped

Veteran News
Veteran News
October 31, 2018
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A shooting at a McDonald's was stopped earlier this week by an armed citizen in Alabama. The armed citizen was wounded in the exchange, which begs the question, "What is the truth about how a gunfight will unfold?"The truth is you might get shot. The truth is that the ideal outcome, the one where the guy with the gun is the only one wounded in the gunfire, is not always how life works out.However...the gunman was stopped. The gunman stopped being the only one on the scene that could affect the outcome.There are 325.7 million American citizens, children, adults, etc..., while there are just under 1 million sworn law enforcement officers in the United States. So let's do the quick basic math real quick. Let's be generous and round out the number of sworn law enforcement officials to right at 1 million. Alright, so 325.7 million divided by 1 million. Easy enough right? It equals out to one officer per 325.7 people in this country...that we know off. Couple that 325.7 million with however many undocumented illegal immigrants and you've got a lot more people and the ratio obviously goes up.We did that little math problem to illustrate that as great as having a well-functioning police force may be, the truth is they can't be everywhere at once. They have to travel to one location to another, deal with idiot drivers who won't move...etc. They'll be the official first responders, but as far as this McDonald's shooting goes...the citizen with the gun was the first responder and responded by putting the guy threatening innocent lives down.The brave man who accomplished this was also wounded, as was one of his sons.Seems bad that his son would be wounded correct? Yeah, we wish nobody but the bad guy was wounded, but the kid is alive, several other peoples children are alive, and the guy who came in shooting up the place...he's dead. He won't get paroled and possibly commit a crime of this nature again. He was stopped for good.Just because we're civilized doesn't mean the law of the jungle doesn't apply. Carry a nine and you'll be just fine.

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