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Mexico Border Wall: What's Next?

Veteran News
Veteran News
October 23, 2017
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Whether or not you think it's impractical, the infamous border wall is happening. The border crisis with Mexico is a tricky one and a sensitive subject for many people. The fact is that there will probably never be a solution, that can appease both sides, especially if neither is willing to compromise. Until that time, the wall is on the agenda and it is gradually becoming a reality. Want proof? Eight sample structures have already been created and are about to be considered for implementation.What do these walls look like? Some resort to the tried and true reinforced concrete, while others went with steel for their super fence. Each wall section is between 18 and 30 feet high and roughly thirty feet long and will be tested on October 26th. While the walls seem basic in appearance, a few questions have arisen once they got built.

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The first question and most obvious is "Will someone be able to scale this, and if so how long would it take them?" That question is pretty normal since people have been finding creative and innovative ways to get across the border for decades now. The current fence that is in place is nothing short of a joke and is routinely climbed and bypassed with no real difficulty. If we're building a new wall and are going to be serious about it, which is what President Trump campaigned on, this wall has to be an actual blockade against the typical illegal entry that is currently happening.The second question goes hand in hand with the first, as the testing also requires to see how long it takes for someone to break through the wall with tools like a jackhammer or concrete saw. Again, pretty obvious and normal to ask that question. Hopefully, with some of the composite materials, the walls will stand up nicely. If we're going to spend money on this wall, then it needs to be the best damn wall we've ever seen.

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The third question is about if it will have sensors that can alert border patrol agents when someone is trying to gain illegal entry. Contractors are being asked to produce specs as to if sensors embedded in the walls can detect someone trying to break through or dig under the wall work appropriately or if they need revamping.Some border Patrol agents say that a wall only buys time. As good as these prototype sections are, every wall can eventually be breached (Yeah Jon Snow) and proper infrastructure for maintaining over-watch on the wall is as necessary as the wall itself. If the agents can't get to the section that's being probed, what good is the wall?

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Like we said earlier, if we're going to do this, despite the dissenting opinions, our thoughts are if we do something, we might as well do it right. Hopefully, they find a super-kickass prototype and our tax dollars aren't spent in vain. Regardless of what does go up, just the discussion of the wall and the current White House approach to illegal immigration has seen a decrease in illegal entry so we're clearly making strides to stop the unlawful flow.

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