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Missing Marine Found in Arizona, Facing Allegations

Active Military
Active Military
Veteran News
Veteran News
September 25, 2019
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20-year old Job Wallace, a Marine stationed at Camp Pendelton, was home on leave in Arizona. He was expected to be back on base on September 17th, but homeboy never showed up.Lance Corporal Wallace had apparently grown unhappy with his life in the Marine Corps...(like duh, yeah that's part of being in the Marine Corps, if you're having fun, you're doing it wrong) and decided to be like;

"You know what, fuck dis dum shit, I'm gonna go kill drug cartels and human traffickers in Mexico." - Lcpl Wallace...probably

This dude had cleaned out all of his personal shit from his room on base and claimed he heard voices sayin' he should go wreak havoc on human traffickers on the border with his personally owned firearms. Nice, right? If you're going to have voices in your head telling you to do shit, killing human traffickers, is probably the best way that can go.This dude is all kinds of probably not doing well and needs some help, but part of part of us admire him. Human traffickers suck, and if this dude heard voices telling him to go smoke some human traffickers, then despite how politically incorrect it might be, we're damn well fine with him going and painting the house red with the blood of human traffickers.Anyways, to summarize up to this point and get this story moving, homeboy went UA after leave, decided he wanted to kill traffickers of drugs and people, dude owned several weapons. He was found outside of Dallas at a rest stop and is in custody.It is unclear at this time whether or not Lcpl. Wallace is an infantry Marine or non-combat arms.NOW...good initiative, bad judgment, and really, really bad execution.First off, you'd want at least like one other dude to conduct at least a minimally successful ambush. This shit ain't Hollywood. Get two or three dudes to help you.Secondly, bro why the fuck was he in Dallas? He was already close to the border in Arizona. This mofo had to have failed Land Nav.Thirdly, there were no automatic weapons in his possession. How are you gonna get some without a base of fire from an automatic weapon? C'mon dude. Plan your ambush better.Fourth, how you gonna get caught at a rest stop. For shame. Making the Marine Corps look bad with your shit execution.We want to like him for his initiative, but fuck us if we're not disappointed in how he carried out his plan. Poor form. Poor form indeed.

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