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Missing Soldier Arrested After High-Speed Chase

Active Military
Active Military
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Veteran News
October 13, 2020
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Edward Casteel, a missing soldier from Fort Hood, was originally marked absent without leave (AWOL). However, he has just been jailed in a different state. It is unclear why Casteel traveled from Texas to Louisiana. Although, he was seen leaving base of his own free will. The base told press they did not suspect foul play in the case of the missing soldier. Consequently, Casteel was observed, “departing Fort Hood on his own accord just after midnight on October 7th and did not report for duty later that morning as expected.”“When he did not report for duty, the unit immediately began a search of the unit area, including his barracks room and unit parking lots, and has been in constant contact with his Family members and friends in an attempt to locate him,” said base officials.Lincoln Parish sheriff’s deputy spotted Casteel doing 92mph in a 70mph zone. The 29 year old infantryman then led police on a high speed chase. Eventually, Casteel pulled his vehicle over. Authorities drew their weapons and approached the vehicle. Once in custody, Casteel admitted he saw the cruiser in pursuit. However, he could not articulate why he fled.Given the recent events at Fort Hood, many feared for the worst when he went missing. Despite knowing the ramifications of his actions, the soldier still disappeared without explanation. Casteel's actions have been baffling, but at least he is accounted for. Hopefully this is the last missing soldier story we see out of Fort Hood.Do you have any tips or leads? Email the editor at dan.sharp@gruntstyle.com

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