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NBA: The No Balls Association

Community Support
Community Support
Athletes in Motion
Athletes in Motion
October 10, 2019
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Yeah, we said it. So what? Steph Curry, or Lebron James gonna come to my house and give me a stern talking to? Doubtful. And EVEN if they did...what are they going to tell me? To be more tolerant of a regime that killed millions of its people and refuses to be held accountable for it? Yeah, I'll be sure to get right on that (sarcasm intensifies).Look, I'm not necessarily hating on the NBA by asserting they lack a spine or any sort of inner strength. I mean they've stood up for countless social issues here in the United States. They are obviously very woke. I just find it odd...that the same people won't say a single word about the oppression of the Chinese people. It is odd, isn't it? To fight oppression on one front, while tacitly endorsing it on another...well as long as there are enough zeros after literally any other number on that check...It's not like you're standing on the backs of 35-45 million people who were either outright killed or starved through the policies of the regime.I can in some small way, at least respect a man who is loyal to his ideals. Consistent in their beliefs despite what may be the wave of public opinion crashing against them. I may wholeheartedly disagree, but on some small level, I'll at least admit you have a spine. Bravery and courage are present, despite whatever misguided ideas they support. But for those who flip flop so easily, there is no respect. There is no bravery. There is only cowardice.Shit, we've got tons of problems here in the United States. Protest all damn day long. We need to do a better job. Why? Because we are an ongoing experiment in human decency. We are the question;

"Can all mankind live peaceably with one another under the umbrella of liberty?"

Sometimes, that answer needs adjusting, we need better answers. That is ok, it is something we are in full support of. Competing ideas truly make the world better. Silence and oppression do not.But to sit silent, amidst egregious and horrific human rights abuses that they barely even attempt to hide, because they know some of us are without principle and will take the money...well...The N.B.A. has plenty of balls, you just won't find them on anyone working for the N.B.A, but hey, I hope you enjoy your blood money.

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