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Need a New Podcast? Check These Out

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February 3, 2020
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Podcasts have really blown up in the last few years. They are a great way to pass time while you wait for word to come down from higher, or long drives to and from work. We all have our opinions, but here are some podcasts you definitely need to listen to a few episodes of.

Borne the Battle

Beginning in 2016, this is the official podcast of the Department of Veterans Affairs. They book some awesome guests and provide a lot of insight to the behind the scenes of the Veteran world. They have over 120 Five-star ratings and almost 200 hundred episodes. Check out their blog on the VA's website, here.

Veteran State of Mind

A best selling author, Geraint Jones, has a unique perspective on what makes up the mindset of our military Veterans. Jones himself is a combat Veteran, serving in the UK military before becoming an accomplished author. He has a deep history of working with American military and Veterans, and is known to get a little wild on his show. You can find him on Youtube, Apple podcasts and Spotify.

The Smoke Pit Podcast

Starting in 2018, the idea was to recreate the banter and wide range of topics usually covered wherever 2 or more troops meet to bull shit and kill some time. From stories of wildly drunken escapades to deep and profound insights on mental health, the Smoke Pit is listened to in 55 different countries. Available on most platforms you can listen to podcasts on.

Short Timer Underground

The Grunt Style flag ship show is currently on hiatus, but we eagerly expect its return in the next few months. It can be viewed on Instagram and Facebook live. This show features live call ins, crazy guests, and lots and lots of good old fashioned excessive drinking.We know there are a ton more great podcasts, including ours. You can find them on Facebook, YouTube, and sometimes IG!). So, leave your favorite ones in the comments below!

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