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Active Military
Active Military
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Veteran News
March 28, 2019
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I'm going to say a few things about the new Commandant select and preface them with this. One I don't know Lt. General Berger. Two, although I went to BRC (Basic Reconnaissance Course), I did not graduate. Now that those two disclaimers are out of the way. I want to make some assumptions based off of what I've heard through the grapevine of dudes that do know Lt. General Berger.He's a solid dude, and I can say, dude, because I've long had my DD214 and my IRR time was done like, several years ago. So. Everyone I've spoken to tells me he is a fantastic leader and extremely capable commander. I tend to be a little bit biased as well seeing as how he started his career in the ever famous, ever deadly, best infantry battalion in the entire Marine Corps, 3rd Battalion 7th Marines, India Company.But the insight I have also includes my limited time at BRC. At BRC the officers and the enlisted going through the course are all treated equally by the cadre. Like shit. Not in an abusive way, but rank holds no privileges there. By the end of day one, our class of ninety or so had slipped down to mid-twenties. Everyone from PFC to Captain stood fire watch. Everyone ate together, trained together and helped each other. There is a certain level respect I'll always have for those officers who attended BRC and were one with us damn dirty enlisted folks. Couple that with the kick in the dick that U.S. Navy Dive School is, along with Jump School and Ranger qualified...the guy has a multitude of experience solving problems in unique ways.The fact that my sources within the recon community who shall remain nameless in order to uphold rule #1 of the Recon community "Always look cool," (and nothing is cooler than being a cool secret source of information) tell me he is a great guy with his mind focused on the present and future fights.I do in fact realize these are all quite heavy assumptions to be making given that he hasn't even taken the post yet, but...I'm relatively confident that they'll hold up and if not, I'll be raked over the coals. Either way, I'm cool with it. Plus...he's dual cool so that's pretty neat.

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