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New Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps Selected

Active Military
Active Military
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Veteran News
April 25, 2019
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This day just gets better and better. The future Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps will be none other than a 3rd Battalion 7th Marine Marine...we know he served in other units too, but as I'm a 3/7 Marine, this just gets me...aroused.Sergeant Major Troy E. Black has been selected to replace Sergeant Major Ronald Green as Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps later this year. For those of you who want to know why we're so proud of this Marine being chosen to be the senior enlisted Marine, here is why.Warfighters are a dying breed. We've all but stopped being aggressive in the areas where we were once guaranteed a firefight. Now we sit on forward operating bases (FOBs) and let the Iraqi or Afghan Army/Police do what they do (fail a whole bunch and not be able to do jumping jacks). It's been boring for warriors for a while now, but...back in 2010 when killin' was still our business and that business was good. Sergeant Major Black led the Marines of 3rd Battalion 7th Marines into Sangin where they literally killed like...everyone.The phrase "Bangin in Sangin" was coined after The Cutting Edge made its way through that shithole of a town and even if that's "false" we'll claim that it's true and we'll play a little tap out/pass out in the sand pit for bragging rights over it.Ladies and gentlemen, we have hope! It is unknown what kind of Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps he will be, but if I were to go on the words of the Marines from my old battalion who served under him, we may be in for a treat, where warriors are once again forged. A leader that imbues the warrior ethos of the Marine Corps back into the rifle squads and mobile assault platoons. Where we shoot, move and communicate...moving like a plague through the wintery tundra in Russia, or the steppes of China.Either way, we wish all the success to Sergeant Major Troy E. Black and hope that he brings the spirit of killing bodies with him into the office.Rah. 3/7 No Shit! that was a little moto, I'll take about 20% off the Rip It intake gents.

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