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Next Year, They're Going to Have Aerial Skynet

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Active Military
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Veteran News
February 27, 2019
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Boeing...what a weird name for an aircraft company, not that we're complaining, it just seems weird when you say their name. It sounds definitively like a sound an aircraft should not be making (BOING!). Anyways, moving forward, they're developing an autonomous fighter aircraft that could be flying as soon as 2020...great. We have a robot that can eat people and now the motherf***er has air support.I know it's a joke that we all play along with and my unhealthy obsession with the possibility of a war between Man and Machine seems far fetched...but there is a robot that can eat people and now it's going to have a buddy in the sky. Like...c'mon man. What happens when it decides humanity is humanities own worst enemy and we need to be taken out?Ok, enough fear mongering. Truth be told, if "Skynet" doesn't turn on us, this would be pretty cool. Did anyone see that movie "Stealth" with Jessica Biel...and that super tight flight suit? Just me? That plane aside from it's you know...OFP stage (Own F***in Program), where it did whatever the hell it wanted, was a pretty handy wingman.Having one of these autonomous fighters to help penetrate and decimate and obliterate and kill the reprobates of our near peer level adversaries would certainly be a step in the right direction for ensuring the safety of the United States for years to come. An advanced AI fighter could prosecute targets and potentially outclass its human counterpart due to the physical limitations that humans have.I've been told a number of times by former fighter pilots that the only real limitations of our most advanced fighters, is that of the pilot and what he can endure. The planes we have now are insane. Having an AI who can perform maneuvers that a human can't or be a decoy to the real attack or perform a multitude of any other functions, would be a real force multiplier and I sincerely hope that it never turns on us.

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