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Nike Fiasco

Veteran News
Veteran News
September 4, 2018
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So let's preface this whole Nike fiasco with saying we don't personally agree with it. We don't. There are way more appropriate people they could have used, the obvious answer being Pat Tillman as many on Facebook have pointed out. But let's understand a few things about the whole scenario to remember.One, Nike is free to make bad decisions. As are you. As are all of us. We can sit there and say, "Hey that's not really the decision we'd go with, but you're free to make it." Remember the other day we told you the Facebook would make everyone mad about something?News for the day...published last Friday. We called it that something would happen that would literally set the internet ablaze like it always does. We're not prophets, news cycles are just too predictable. There hasn't been a lot of groundbreaking news lately so the execs at Nike were probably like,

"Hey any PR is good PR, let's get people talking about Nike again, how can we do that?"

And so they did what they did.Be rest assured Nike will more than likely continue to not give a damn. Why? Because maybe they alienated one market, but they endeared themselves to another. Also with emerging markets in Europe and Asia (Asia mind you, having roughly 3/4s of the world's population), Nike will most likely be just fine.[caption id="attachment_18583" align="alignnone" width="750"]

Nike Fiasco

A much more appropriate choice, in our opinion.[/caption]Two, in terms of marketing it's genius, in terms of alienating people, it's dumb...sort of. Most people have zero attention span. You've probably already stopped reading (kudos if you haven't). While some will maintain their boycott which they are more than free to do, the vast majority of people will forget about this as soon as the next big internet-fueled outrage occurs. It's just the way the world is.We're like squirrels who did a double shot of coke and meth.In closing. We disagree with their choice, but they are free to make it.We know of a way better apparel line anyways.

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