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No Gun Control Amidst Tragedy

Veteran News
Veteran News
October 6, 2017
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It is hard to define the American spirit or what it means to be an American. So many thoughts and ideas go to the wealth of our military history and the brave men and women who’ve fought to preserve liberty. Other thoughts flow towards heroes like Rosa Parks and Dr. Martin Luther King. Where are this generation's defining Americans? Where are those who stand up for liberty despite everyone telling them they’re wrong? Amidst the tragedy and the pain this country is going through, and in spite of the shootings in Las Vegas, four people are remaining firm in their resolve to not give up their liberty. Some Vegas shooting survivors don't want more gun control and here are some examples.

Stephanie and Brian Fraser

The first, Stephanie Fraser, the now widow of Brian Fraser who was tragically killed during the shooting, refuses to allow fear to dictate her life. “Unless we have metal detectors everywhere we go, this could never be avoided,” Stephanie continues on to say that “We can’t live like that.” You’re right Stephanie. The abolition of rights in regards to tragedy is never the answer. Evil men and women want people afraid, they want power and they want to control. As much as it hurts and as much as we want something to blame, we must realize that responding in fear is playing exactly into the psychopath’s desires. Stephanie is choosing to honor her husband’s memory stating that “[Brian] wasn’t about gun control at all…he wasn’t for that.”

Kelsey and Toby Clark

Next, we have Kelsey and Toby Clark. Kelsey is pregnant with the couple’s second child. Kelsey who is a police officer in Washington said that “I have a lot of firearm training, but hearing it in a crowd of people who are screaming and hearing bullets bounce off of things and hit things, that’s not something you can prepare yourself to hear.” As frightened and as scared as they were, both Toby and his wife don’t think gun laws could have prevented the actions of Vegas shooter. “He bought guns legally but he modified them illegally,” and his wife agreed to state “I don’t think it could have been prevented.”Our final hero, Kelsey Clarks mother-in-law Kelly Moore, ended up getting separated from her daughter and son-in-law ending up alone and afraid at the Tropicana. She grabbed heavy duty baking pans to use as some sort of shield unsure if there were more shooters. Despite the fear and the sadness that held her captive, Kelly stated matter-of-factly “People can buy guns, and people should be able to buy guns. It's not guns that are the problem, it’s the people that are using them.”As Americans, we are strong and we don’t cave under fear. As President John F. Kennedy stated during a time of tremendous fear and danger for the United States “The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself." These four people demonstrated that fear and evil will not deter them from being a freedom loving American. Fear will not rule the day in America, at least not while these patriots draw breath.Read more news articles here.

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