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No Justifying This

Veteran News
Veteran News
August 16, 2018
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Horror. Shock. Utter disbelief that there was a compound in which not only were children starved, and the body of a child was found, but the fact that these children were being trained to carry out mass shootings was bad enough. As bad as this is, it adds insult to injury that a judge, duly elected by the people denied the defendants be held without bond. The reasoning? The state's requirements for denying bail had not been met...there is no justifying this.Early in August, a New Mexico compound was raided on the basis of child neglect and abuse. What was found was far more shocking. Children receiving training to commit mass acts of violence and the body of a small boy found in the ground.Really? You have the suspects abusing children, reportedly training said children to carry out acts of terrorism, the body of a child found, along with massive reports of neglect and abuse...but the state's requirements have not been met. What exactly would constitute the denial of bail? Forgive our outrage, but...what the hell?We are a nation of laws. The idea of due process, the fact that certain rights can't be stripped from you without sufficient evidence, is one of the many reasons we are lucky to live in this country. If there is no evidence of wrongdoing, then people should generally be free to go. That's not always how the system works, but the idea is noble. The idea of the system working properly is something to strive for and work towards.

No Justifying this

There is no justifying this though. We're not 100% up to par on our New Mexico bar exam, but something about a dude and his compatriots training children to commit mass acts of terror and violence, while being starved, and a dead body already found...it just kind of screams to us that "Hey this guy is a threat to others, he probably shouldn't be walking the streets while awaiting trial."With violence in schools making headlines and people being paid to walk around this country promoting our second amendment rights being taken away, one would think that when something as grievous as what was found in that New Mexico compound is found, that the legal system would actually take appropriate measures. They did not and there is no justifying this.

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