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Operation Safe Haven: No One Left Behind

Veteran News
Veteran News
March 5, 2018
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How do we actually make a difference in this world? We put thought into action and forge ahead. We don't wish for things to happen, we make things happen. That's what Operation Safe Haven is about. An idea, a thought, full of conviction with the sole purpose of not leaving their brothers behind. Something about those who serve this country, when it comes to planning, there are few better. The attention to detail, the ability to see both the big picture and the intricate details of an idea and then put those ideas into action.

Operation Safe Haven

Donnie Davis is an Air Force veteran who served as part of the White House Honor Guard. During his time, Donnie participated in several funerals at Arlington Nation Cemetary. What stays with him the most is the level of love camaraderie and compassion that those who serve have for each other. There is nothing quite like it. It moved him. So much so that he went out on a limb to help his brethren.Donnie knows the statistics, has lived the transition and knows the hardship that comes with it. That's why he recently purchased a 277-acre campground in Franklinville, New Jersey with the intent to build tiny homes for veterans transitioning out. With a nearby 65 acre lake and the serenity of nature, this place was the perfect place to start his journey of extending his hand to his fellow veterans.Moving forward, more like assaulting forward! Despite an offer of seven million dollars for the land, they turned it down. Donnie and Operation Safe Haven had a purpose. They were dedicated to their brethren, just like the motto of the Air Force Honor Guard "To honor with dignity," the volunteers (everyone is a volunteer, no one is paid) honor the men and women with the dignity of their own home for two years. Equipping, training, setting up veterans transitioning for success.

Operation Safe Haven

"We're taught that we're the best, so we don't want to show any dent in our armor. No veteran wants a handout, they just want help up when they fall, so they can start moving forward again."All the proceeds go directly towards benefitting the veterans![embed]https://youtu.be/5YceB6fm_dk[/embed]If you'd like to help, you can check out their raffle here!

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