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No Accidental Shooting

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Community Support
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July 8, 2019
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There isn't. Stop calling it an accidental shooting. All shootings that are called "accidental" are in fact, NEGLIGENT. OMG WHAT BECKY? You heard us homeslice. Anytime you see the words "Accidental Shooting" together, you're being told a lie. A big gaping like...whale-sized lie.Accidents are things that can't be prevented, can't be planned for. "But what about car accidents." Negligence too if we're really gonna go there, too many people don't know how to operate a motor vehicle. The damn thing that weighs between 3000 and 55000 lbs flying down the road and Kyle over here can't use his blinker to let others know where the fuk he's about to go. Negligence. Accidents are unpredictable chaotic events that can't be controlled. Some would argue though, that accidents have an element of intent...no. If an aircraft mechanic fails to tighten a bolt and said airplane goes crashing into a mountain due to the bolt not being tightened, that's not an accident. That's negligence because he didn't check and recheck his shit on a vehicle that flys well above what humans can survive a fall from.Anyways getting back to our original topic. Negligence. The five weapons safety rules have to be blatantly violated in order for someone to be shot. Guns don't just...go off. To this day, with a round in the chamber, sitting by it's lonesome, none of our pistols have fired. Weird right?So for other news agencies, for future reports, the word you're looking for is negligence. Why? Because to "accidentally" shoot someone, you have to do the following.

  1. Ignore that the weapon may be loaded.
  2. Point it at something you shouldn't be pointing a weapon at
  3. Disengaged whatever safety existed
  4. Put your finger on the trigger
  5. Were blatantly unaware of what you're pointing at or what's behind that.

See. You have to break every single weapon safety rule that we've literally known and abided by since we were SIX YEARS OLD. It's not a hard lesson, they're not hard rules. Even a stammering recruit at either MCRD San Diego or MCRD Parris Island can remember those five basic things.Stop calling negligence an accident. These activities can be prevented, you just have to...you know pay attention to what the fuk you're doing.

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