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North Korea Fires Some Shit

Active Military
Active Military
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Veteran News
July 25, 2019
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We were going to write another "BREAKING" news article, but dear lord if we're all not just a little bit tired of all this hyped-up "BREAKING NEWS" and then nothing coming after it. North Korea shot off two short-range missiles last night and guess what? That was the end of it. They didn't invade South Korea, they didn't blow shit up in Japan. Nope. They just launched two short-range projectiles/missiles.Quick question before we go on. Is it just us or does everyone else feel like there has been so much "BREAKING" news in the last few weeks with nothing coming of it? Iran shot down our drone, we shot down there drone, ships were captured blah blah blah. We're not saying it's not important to be informed, how repetitive and boring is this whole charade becoming? We bet somewhere there is someone that can make an algorithm to predict when the next "BREAKING" news story will happen where nothing will happen afterward.So yes, North Korea fired two projectiles many are considering missiles. And guess what. Nothing has happened since. It's the same old attention-seeking whorishness that every country in the world does to get the attention of the United States.Like shit man, for how much everyone hates us, they sure want our attention all the damn time. North Korea over here being jealous of Iran, shooting off missiles, doing some "Notice me sempai," bullshit, Venezuela sending one of their like...6 fighter aircraft after our surveillance aircraft, China threatening Taiwan AGAIN.If everyone hates us so much, why do that want us paying attention to them all the time? It's quite simple really. They hate us cause they anus. And before you correct us, we know what we said. They hate us cause they anus.True story. Look it up.

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