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North Korea Summit

Veteran News
Veteran News
June 12, 2018
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So the North Korea Summit happened yesterday. Apparently, we were all damn wrong. The meeting apparently went off without a hitch and the United States of America is getting exactly what it wants. A denuclearization of the Korean peninsula. To the North Koreans, Kim Jong Un may be reminiscent of the God King Xerxes, but to the rest of the world, he's a tinpot dictator who faced the full commitment of the United States.The world watched with bated anticipation and wonder. What would happen? Would Kim pull a fast one and be like "Hey just kidding we're going to nuke everyone," possibly ushering in World War 3? Would he be cool realizing that if he started something, he definitely wouldn't be able to finish it? Nobody really knew.What happened yesterday is unprecedented. It's historical. Sadly there are those who will politicize this as they always seem to do, rather than appreciate that there might finally be peace. Peace could finally be a reality to the people of North and South Korea who for years on both sides have been subjected to daily warnings of aggression and war?Now, the true question it all lip service, or will Kim Jong Un and North Korea actually follow through lest they find themselves suffering the same fate of Saddam Hussein?Only time can be the true barometer of our success on this day, but we can sit back and without letting our guard down, appreciate the significance of what took place yesterday in Singapore.At long last, hopefully, the men and women who are stationed in Korea can breathe a sigh of relief as the possibility of peace means they won't be subjected to the threat of the North Korean artillery barrage that would decimate Seoul, should the two Koreas engage in outright hostilities once again.

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