Tunnel Collapse
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North Korea Tunnel Collapse

Veteran News
Veteran News
October 31, 2017
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North Korea has got to be, hands down, the worst country on the planet. North Korea's nuclear testing caused a tunnel collapse killing roughly 200 of their own people because their testing site failed. Seriously, Archer was right. North Korea sucks. What will it take for Kim Jong Un to stop killing his own people? What a prick!Sources say that the 6th nuclear test conducted by the "Hermit Kingdom" likely caused the test site to deteriorate and crumble trapping 100 people inside and then collapsing again on top of the would-be rescuers. While we can make a ton of jokes, we won't. The facts don't change, these are people and they lost their lives because of a tyrannical ego-maniac running the despotic Marxist-regime, hell-bent on destroying the world. This recent tunnel collapse is just another hole in the dam for the reactive dictator (hopefully) losing his grip on the country.While many are quick to blame Trump for "driving us to the brink of nuclear war, we have a short memory. North Korea has been ramping up their nuclear program for years and talking peacefully has done absolutely nothing to deter them. Many readers don't even realize that technically, an end to the Korean War was never agreed upon, just an extremely uneasy cease-fire. We've been enduring a 64-year fragile ceasefire.

Tunnel Collapse

This remnant of the Cold War has endured and persisted, unlike the Soviet Union which collapsed in 1991. Sadly the hatred and the propaganda has persisted. North Korea tells their people how the United States wants to kill and destroy North Korea, which obviously isn't true. We want the murdering, starving and abuse of the population to cease immediately. Unfortunately, North Korea isn't on the same page.

Tunnel Collapse

Despite the monumental failures of North Korea and their obvious underwhelming military power, the rogue nation-state continually stokes the fires of war with its aggressive pursuit of nuclear arms. They do this, even at the risk of their own people. Even their longtime ally China has grown frustrated with their actions as of late and it may not be long before China takes matters into their own hands.

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