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North Korean Talks Breakdown

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March 15, 2019
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Who honestly believed that North Korea would be "like totes cool and fetch," seriously who thought that this...process if we're even going to call it that, was going to be simple? Hopefully, none of you and hopefully nobody celebrated too soon. Why? Well, because it's a dictatorship with nuclear weapons and they don't want to give it up because we might just find oil in North Korea (it's a joke, let's all laugh at it being a joke instead of getting butthurt).Recently North Korea has called the actions of the United States in negotiations "gangster-like". A quote by the lead diplomat for North Korea put it plainly.“I want to make it clear that the gangster-like stand of the U.S. will eventually put the situation in danger,” -North Korean Vice Foreign Minister Choe Son HuiWhat does that statement mean in reality? It means that the United States wants major concessions from North Korea and their nuclear program, and they won't budge until they get them. The United States is playing hardball and North Korea is mad that it's not a lopsided deal in their favor. That's exactly what that means. It's propaganda. It's them crying that the U.S. wants tangible concessions that they are just not willing to give up.To add fuel to the flame, despite sanctions on North Korea, they are still doing stupid shit (violating the sanctions) like selling weapons, smuggling coal and oil...yeah these guys are coming to the table honestly with a desire to reach a peaceful solution. If you believe that we've got some great ocean front property in Wyoming, where penguins and unicorns play together peacefully.To further demonstrate that it is nothing more than posturing and propaganda by North Korea, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was not surprised that he'd been called "gangster-like" by North Korea, it wasn't the first time and we're sure it won't be the last time.“And following that we continued to have very professional conversations ... I have every expectation we will be able to continue to do that,”This is just how North Korea operates. They're

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