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Marines Qualification Issue

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Active Military
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Veteran News
April 16, 2019
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Surprise surprise surprise! Recruits at Parris Island and "other entry level training facilities" for the United States Marine Corps don't have enough RCOs to go around. They've either broken them or the optic has reached its "serviceable age". Let's address the main complaint we've had for a while...

WHY THE HELL ARE WE NOT QUALIFYING WITH IRON SIGHTS? We know we sound like salty old timers with an ax to grind, but teaching proper sight picture, sight alignment and shooting technique never really goes out of style. Yes, it is important for combat troops to understand how to utilize an optic given the changing technology in warfare...buuuut, also you know...shit breaks. As we're seeing, and as we could have told everyone; Marines break shit. Even shit that wasn't mean to be broken, Marines will find a way to break it. Case in point they're breaking the RCOs IN TRAINING (when we use all caps, we're not shouting, we're emphasizing).

And now the Marine Corps has a problem. Not enough RCOs for recruits to train with. You know what comes standard with every single rifle? Iron sights. Problem solved, just right there.

Don't get us wrong the RCO is dope as hell and we were hitting shit way beyond the range we'd normally hit at, but we also learned to shoot with iron sights in case you know...the optic broke and the bad guys didn't respect us calling "Time out" during the firefight to call customer support and have a new RCO shipped out to us.

In a world where so many people bitch and moan, where people try to force you to pick one side or the other, we alone ask...why not both? Last time we checked, 2nd phase is four weeks long, you can't train recruits to shoot with iron sights and an optic in four weeks?

Guess there are more important things to teach than how to hit your target whether you have an optic or not. (obvious sarcasm should be obvious by now)

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