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Of All the Wars We Could Find Ourselves In

Active Military
Active Military
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Veteran News
June 3, 2019
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I wouldn't be pissed if we messed up China over Taiwan. Everything else can be diplomatically solved. Iran, Venezuela...North Korea even...but China...man if they do some dumb shit to Taiwan, I wouldn't be even the slightest bit mad if we turned their ships into a new coral reef. Seriously, these assholes and their unhealthy creepy uncle obsession with Taiwan.Add in the fact that the Commies are trying to channel Abraham Lincoln saying basically that Lincoln would've been cool with them taking Taiwan by force since he waged war to keep the United States indivisible. Where to start on the differences...I mean...Taiwan, you guys got any slavery and human rights violations going on? No? You're just trying to be independent and treat your fellow man decently? Crazy...Spare the talk of the Civil War being about States rights, we all know exactly which 'right' (it's not a right to own people) everyone was upset about losing.I mean look China, I'm usually all about diplomacy and I think we could chill our big American ding dongs out a bit when it comes to slingin' our military might across the globe. But if you try to launch an attack on Taiwan who is doing nothing except being really cool to everyone else...I won't be mad if the United States sends a fleet to challenge you with the flagship being the USS Murder Demon, flanked by the USS War Crimes, the USS Get Fukt and the USS Hiroshima if you catch my drift.Furthermore, I bet they'd be willing to restructure the trade deals they have with us after we take a massive dump on their military power.Now, I'm not so ignorant as to forget that war with China would be huge and fookin bloody, but at this point in time, we still mostly have the upper hand, better now than when they have the upper hand.Fook those dudes tho'.

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