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One Lucky Person

Veteran News
Veteran News
September 17, 2018
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While many people can argue and disagree about what is the final frontier, we'd still argue that space is the final frontier. One lucky person, who is not an astronaut employed by NASA, a private citizen will get the chance to take flight around the moon.Later tonight SpaceX is set to announce the one person who is going to get a trip around the moon on their BFR...Big Falcon Rocket or as many have taken to calling it, the Big F***ing Rocket. We like that name more. What is more Elon Musk and more American than naming our rocket the Big F***ing Rocket? We submit to many of you there is almost nothing unless it was named like...the Big F***ing Bacon Fueled Freedom Rocket. That actually has a pretty sweet ring to it.Whatever you want to call it, the one person who is going to get a ride on this rocket will be the first of what we hope will be many more to follow. For the longest time, the technology that is obviously required to be in space has limited space travel to government agencies, although Russia has experimented with sending up "Space Tourists".Russia tends to ignore some of those...pesky safety and training regulations from time to time. Also, Russia hasn't made it to the moon except for a rover. So even though they've been participating or maybe even paving the way for space tourism, they've been relegated to going to the International Space Station and no further. Flights cost somewhere around 20-30 million dollars also, so not necessarily for everyone.

One Lucky Person

Those flights also stopped in 2009 (not because of safety issues though, just so we're clear).With SpaceX inventing and innovating, hopefully, it won't be long before going to the moon is as easy as going from San Antonio to Dallas for a weekend trip.

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