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Operation Hero Promotes Community Giving

Community Support
Community Support
First Responders
First Responders
April 6, 2020
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Last week, Grunt Style began advertising their new campaign- Operation Hero. Like many companies during this time, Grunt Style is looking for ways they can give back to their community. With Operation Hero, they have found a way to allow their customers to give back as well.Part of the campaign allows customers purchasing their new Hero shirt to "buy one, give one." According to their site, they plan on giving at least 20,000 shirts to first responders, healthcare providers, law enforcement, EMS, and volunteers. The company is working with several partners in their Chicago and San Antonio communities to place these donations directly to those mentioned.An internal company release about the Operation says-

"Operation Hero recognizes our first responders, law enforcement, health care providers and volunteers as they represent the courage and resolve synonymous with our nation's extraordinary history. Join us in showing your support and solidarity to their patriotism and commitment in these difficult times."

That's not all the company plans to do in support of these heroes. According to Tim Jensen, co-owner of Grunt Style, they are partnering with vendors that will set up food trucks outside of local hospitals to provide hot meals. The company hopes this small act will boost morale and provide encouragement to the supported workers.It is fair to say we almost all know someone currently supporting the pandemic response, putting in long and stressful hours. Grunt Style is also looking at providing financial relief to those in the aforementioned fields by contributing to child service providers.Actions like these allow the community to come together, ensure people are able to keep working, stay healthy, and keep fighting against the COVID-19 pandemic. The true focus is on those that are working around the clock supporting the medical and local communities. Grunt Style recognizes the value our care providers have as many of their staff have once relied upon them in a different battlefield.

"As the nation mobilizes to respond to the COVID-19 outbreak, Americans have once again unified as a country, locked arms and have answered the 'call to arms.' It is our responsibility as citizens to support where we can and make a difference with the platform we have built," Tim Jensen, known as the company's First Sergeant, stated.

Grunt Style hopes to donate over $200,000 worth of food, shirts, and other supplies during the next 60 days. The company frequently contributes in ways to give back to the community. From their "End of Watch" program, deployed military unit supply drops, Hurricane Harvey relief, rebuilding in the community of Woodsboro, Texas, to local initiatives to combat homelessness in Chicago and San Antonio; Grunt Style is consistently committed to the vital efforts that provide assistance to those in need.There are many ways companies can give back at this time. To support Grunt Style's efforts, go to any of their social media platforms, their website-, or contact their customer service department-

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