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Plane Crash into House Leaves One Dead

Veteran News
Veteran News
July 21, 2016
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A plane crash that landed into a house has left one dead in Plainfield, IL. The house quickly caught on fire following the crash, and there is debris scattered across the neighborhood.According to the Chicago Tribune, witnesses saw the plane "in distress" and watched it plummet into the house at around 11:20 this morning. The impact caused houses even a block away to shake from the force, and a fireball to go up from the house.


Neighbors attempted to quell the flames by using garden hoses until the Fire Department was able to arrive.The house was occupied by a woman and her dog, both of whom escaped without injury. The pilot of the aircraft wasn't so lucky. While police confirmed that there were no other injuries on the ground, there is no word yet on whether any passengers were involved in the plane crash. There is no current information on where the plane was headed, although there are some small airports near the crash area.Several people in the area tweeted out photo and video just after the crash happened:

Plane crashed.... @chicagotribune @CBSNews

— Christian Knowlton (@run_is_life) July 21, 2016
The plane crashed into the house directly next to mine ??? so scary— Marisa Barrowman (@MsaBooBoo) July 21, 2016

A plane just crashed in my neighborhood!! I was watching gossip girl xoxo

— Alex Monroe (@alexmaddper) July 21, 2016
Debris from the plane that just crashes into a house.— Doe (@BigHomieDoe) July 21, 2016
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