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Please Do Not Eject Me, S'il Vous Plait

Active Military
Active Military
Veteran News
Veteran News
April 8, 2019
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I don't even know if I'll be able to make it through this entire piece without busting out laughing hilariously, not like you'll know this isn't a video. Anyways...a French civilian was lucky enough to go for a ride along in a French Rafale B fighter and subsequently get ejected from said fighter "accidentally". Despite it not being one of our cool planes, I'd have loved to fly in one of those jets. As you faithful readers know, I always wanted to be a fighter pilot, but you know...not so great at the maths.The 64-year-old civilian had minor back injuries...not that the French give a damn, showing off an ever impressive and stalwart French personality of seeming to not give a damn with the statement by their spokesperson who told Aerotime News Hub,“His health condition is not a cause for concern,” Col. Cyrille DuvivierWe're of course kidding, they mean that he should be fine...or do they? It seems very French to approach the whole situation with a very "merde arrive" (pronounced mare-day air reev-ay, that's our best illustration of the pronunciation don't get picky) attitude. For those of you who don't speak French and are too lazy to pull up the Google Translator, it means "Shit happens." We figured you may have gathered that from context clues and knowing that merde equals shit...but who knows.We're curious if the accident wasn't actually an accident at all. Was the guy super annoying on comms? Did he have a fart so bad that even the air filtered cockpit couldn't help? Did he eject himself or did the pilot just get tired of dealing with a civilian undoubtedly asking dumb questions while the pilot was pulling off some pretty incredible maneuvers? Did the guy throw up and the pilot was pissed because he'd have to clean the aircraft afterward? Vomit at Mach 1 while doing a barrel roll probably ends up in all kinds of nooks and crannies.At least the worst thing our military does is "accidentally on purpose" kill Taliban bomb makers

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