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Prison Justice

Veteran News
Veteran News
December 13, 2018
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In Williamson County Illinois, an inmate was savagely beaten by other inmates. The inmate who was jailed and accused of beating his 3-month-old to death was hospitalized when other inmates in the facility took it upon themselves to serve up some justice. It just so happened that while this was occurring, the surveillance cameras were inexplicably offline."How tragic!" Said nobody ever about a guy that beats toddlers to death.Let us say that again "inexplicably offline". They just "happened to stop working" at the exact moment and for the entire duration of the beating. We can't say that we're exactly angry over this. There may be a ton of horrible things in this world but, luckily there is still a little bit of "honor amongst thieves" if you catch our drift. Surely not everyone there is a thief, but the point is that even amongst what society would call maybe our less desirable populations, they still in their hearts knew that this piece of shit deserved to get an ass whipping (if not you know...death via that asswhipping).Spokesmen for the county sheriffs office told reporters that they've been having difficulty with the cameras for months now, but the cameras totally work right now, seems to be no issue with them whatsoever at the moment. You know the moment where a justified beating isn't taking place.Odd how that all works out, right? Mysteriously not working...Either way, we don't think the good people of Illinois should have to pay for a new security system, seems to us that the one they have is working just fine as prisoners dispense prison justice in the form of savage ass beatdowns.It's stories like this that we hope prevent people from committing extremely heinous crimes against children, because well, you may avoid the death penalty from the courts, but once the prison gets you, their cameras might just malfunction and the unfortunate piece of human excrement will find himself on the wrong side of hardened killers.

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